4 Ways to Increase Learner Engagement with OneNote

Posted by Erin Harding on Jul 28, 2016 9:23:47 AM


Products like Microsoft Office 365 Education and OneNote can help students transition from the traditional world of notebooks and binders into a digital learning environment. But what’s the real value in making this switch?  

When paired with Hapara’s instructional management products, Microsoft Office 365 Education and OneNote give you greater visibility into learners’ work, enabling you to increase learner engagement in a few key ways.

1. Share interactive assignments

OneNote makes it easy to create interactive assignments online that you can share with all of your learners. You can add audio, video, images and links to helpful resources right in the assignment. Because learners can access these assignments at any time - even at home - they’ll always have a variety of resources to turn to, to help them accomplish the task at hand.  Hapara Dashboard will give you the additional ability to see your learner’s work as it is created.    

2. Give better feedback

When you have access to learner work in OneNote, you can provide them with feedback right in their notebooks. You can even leave audio comments with helpful suggestions or positive feedback. We may not have time to conference with each learner individually during class, but leaving an audio comment can provide similarly personal feedback that learners can incorporate into their work. This, along with Teacher Dashboard, allows teachers to provide formative feedback in a specific and timely way, with real impact on learning. 

3. Simplify the research process

OneNote includes a web clipper that allows learners to save web pages into their notebooks. From there, they can annotate the pages by adding comments, markings and even sketches. Instead of copying and pasting from websites to take notes, or even painstakingly writing out their notes, learners are able to work directly with the digital text, slowing down with their reading and adding their own thoughts and ideas on top of their research. 

4. Make note-taking more effective

For some learners, just the process of taking notes can be difficult. They get caught up in figuring out how to organize their notes and what goes where. Hapara Dashboard gives you visibility into learner work and with OneNote, you can share note taking templates with learners, so they can focus on the content, and not on organization. OneNote has built in templates, like Cornell Notes, but you can also build your own custom templates to better meet the needs of specific learners or assignments.

Together Hapara Dashboard and OneNote give you greater visibility into learners’ work, taking online learning to the next level. 

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