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We’re Off to See the Wizard: Visualizing The Road to Digital Adoption

Education Game Changers: EdTech to Watch in 2017

Using Data to Measure Digital Literacy

What’s Trending from iNACOL 2016

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4 Ways to Increase Learner Engagement with OneNote

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Using Technology to Rethink Summer Learning

Congrats, Hapara Certified Educator Graduates!

District Offers Secure Exams with Hapara and GAFE

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Hapara Student Voice Podcast

Hapara Workspace as Professional Learning Hub

Catch Learners in the Act with Hapara

3 Ways to Magnify Student Voice in the Digital Classroom with Hapara

Student Agency Hapara Certified Educator Podcast

Live Hapara Webinar April 12 11:30a PDT 2016

Learn by Doing, Not By Power-Pointing

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Aida Awad, Park Ridge, Illinois, USA

Hapara is EdtechDigest Cool Tool Finalist

Recorded Hapara Webinar March 24 11:30a PDT 2016

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Anthony Speranza, Melbourne, Australia

Hapara Plays Nicely with Your LMS

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Nadjib Aktouf, Caracas, Venezuela

Crossing the Chasm of GAFE Adoption

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Susan Oehlertz, Laurens, IA USA

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Kati Tilley, Lake Stevens, WA USA

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Evyan Wagner - Vancouver, WA USA

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

5 Ideas to Foster Learner Autonomy in the Classroom

What We Can Learn from Family Dinner

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Eleni Kyritsis - Melbourne, Australia

Workspace of the Week Winners! Jan. 29, 2016

Hapara Workspace Sharing Competition: Workspace of the Week

Education Shorts Show Real Practice

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Paul Thomson - Queensland, Australia

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Nichole Allman - Columbia, SC USA

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Carrie Johnson - Lander, WY USA

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Amy Harris - Placerville, CA USA

Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Cynthia Nixon - Solana Beach, CA USA

3 Things Teachers Really Do Over Holiday Break

Teachers Share All - Hapara Workspace

What we Hear from the Hapara Certified Educators: Monitor or Empower?

Edtech Data Analytics - The Devil is in the... Interpretation

Microteaching Improves Student Achievement

StoryCorps Asking Students to Take Part in Great Thanksgiving Listen

Inacol Blended Learning Award - and the Winner is...

Disturbing Correlation? US Test Scores Decline as Mortality Rates Rise

Bridging the Trust Gap – Student Privacy More Fundamental than Common Core

Video: Learner Agency and PBL at HPSS

How to Design Learning That Matters – 4 quick steps

Hapara Certified Educator Presentations

Hapara’s Sticky New Edtech Workspace Crests One Million Views in Two Weeks

New Hapara Certified Educators program Graduates First Class

2 Edtech Goals for Everyone 2016

Beyond Rolling Out Chromebooks, What is Your Change Management Plan?

Hapara Workspace is on the way

Introducing Hapara Workspace

Beautiful Learning Spaces - Not Just for the Aesthetically Attuned

Big Data is a Big Deal in Education

Student Data Privacy Info for Parents

Five Things You Can Do to Protect Student Data

Teacher Dashboard 2 Update

Teaching with Hapara Interact

Worker's Perspectives On Technology - Infographic

Hapara Releases New UI for Teacher Dashboard

Hapara School Profile: The Met Sacramento

Hapara Smart Copy Smart Tip

How Hapara Fits in with the High Standards at Greenwood College School in Toronto, Canada

Hapara Administrators Device Survey Results August 2014

Hapara Every Day - Video

West Windsor - Plainsboro Schools and Hapara Grow a Commitment to Support Teachers and Students in 1:1 Initiative

Intrinsic Schools Taps Hapara to Help Connect Classroom with Digital Dashboards

Hapara Theater at ISTE 2014 Boasts Distinguished Speaker Roster

Community High School District 99 Schools and Hapara Grow a Commitment to Help CHSD 99 Support Teaching and Learning

USC Hybrid High School and Hapara Grow a Commitment to Empower Students in the Digital World.

La Canada Unified School District and Hapara Partner to Enhance Teacher Instructional Technologies

Edina Public Schools and Hapara Announce Contract to Deliver 21st Century Tools to Educators and Students

Education Research Meta Analysis from Hattie and Yates

Hapara selected for Texas iZone

Google Announces Classroom

What Really Moves the Needle for Underprivileged Students.

Google Groups, Organization Units, and Subdomains - Explainer

An Interesting Perspective on the Cost of Google Apps

Tell Your Story at ISTE 2014

Google Sites as eBinders or Portfolios

16 Things to Consider When Going 1:1

Diligent Use of Cycles of Inquiry Makes Huge Impact

21k Students Go 1:1 in South Carolina

Beware Google Drive Scam!

The Growing Google Apps Ecosystem

Device Ratios for Schools in the Hapara Community

Launch Teacher Dashboard from your Google App Launcher

Hapara Works with IS 49 Educators at the NYC Gap App Challenge Design Event

New Child's Online Privacy Protection Rules in Effect July 1

Translating Literacy Development Best Practices to the World of Digital Work Using Hapara's Teacher Dashboard and Google Apps - Part 2

Translating Literacy Development Best Practices to the World of Digital Work Using Hapara's Teacher Dashboard and Google Apps - Part 1

Philadelphia's Science Leadership Academy Puts Student Voice Front and Center with Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps

Survey Drawing Winners Speak About Teacher Dashboard

Google Chromebook Pixel in Student Hands

ePortfolios: A Teacher's Perspective

Blended Learning for High School - Montessori Style

Google Drawings with Chrome Remote Control for a Kickoff Activity

Resources for Schools That Have Gone Google

The Purpose of the ePortfolio

Types of ePortfolios

ePortfolios: Hype or Help?

Research: improved teaching practices, student engagement, and learning outcomes

Starting out with student blogs and bloggers

Structure of students email address

Teacher Dashboard at Ulearn '10

Unitec Google Apps live for 44,000 students

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